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A professional knitting and crochet technician, I've been teaching the craft for over 10 years both one-to-one and to (sometimes rather large) paid ticketed audiences. This includes events for Rowan Yarns, independent knitting retailers and magazine readers (Woman's Weekly, Love To Knit And Crochet, I also offer technical editing services, please get in touch for more details.

Having learned my first yarn kills from my southpaw mother at age 4, I can swing from left to right-handed as needed which suits a mixed level group of participants.

Very handy (no pun intended) if you need a tutor for left-handed knitting or crochet.

My faves to teach for full-day classes include Learn To Crochet, How To Knit Socks and How To Knit In The Round. Additionally, I have pioneered a technique of knitting in reverse which makes for a fun day of Entrelac and short-row shaping techniques.

Socks and circular knitting are my favourite techniques to do and therefore to teach. As such, I go right up to very advanced workshops. Please see the below list for a catalogue of workshops on offer (starred are super popular). If something's missing that you fancy, just ask! I'd be happy to tailor something to suit your needs.

* Learn To Crochet *

Granny Squares

* Crocheted Motifs/Flowers/Snowflakes *

Freeform Crochet

Christmas Crochet

Intermediate Crochet

Advanced Crochet

Crochet With Colour

Crochet With Beads

Front Post Crochet

Crocheted Edgings

Learn To Knit

Knitting With Texture

Fixing Common Knitting Mistakes

* Professional Finishing *

Knitting With Colour

* Knitting In The Round & Magic Loop *

* How To Knit Socks *

Intermediate (Striped/Short-Row) Socks

* Advanced (Toe Up) Socks *

Backwards Knitting/Enterelac

Arm Knitting

Thanks to Freddie for her workshop last year on Intarsia and Swiss darning, It left me with the courage to tackle a very complicated Peppa Pig Christmas jumper for my granddaughter.



I have just spent a productive morning sewing up some of the items that have been lounging in my knitting basket.  I adore knitting but hate sewing up, at least I used to.  Until Freddie. 

I came along to one of the Woman’s Weekly workshops at the NEC in Birmingham recently.  I wanted to learn how to make my finished garments look more professional.  I get so excited about knitting items and by the time I have sewn them together I am ashamed to give them to the recipient.  Until Freddie.

She taught us how to sew wool ends in so they can’t be seen, how to mattress stitch garments together so there are no joins showing, how to knit perfect buttonholes and lots of other very useful hints and tips.  All in a very easy to understand enjoyable workshop.  I am even tackling knitted toys, something I would never have done before because of the numerous tiny pieces which need sewing up. 

So my grandchildren and I thank you very much Freddie. Worth every penny.


West Midlands

Your Arm Knitting workshop was fab, thanks so much!

Jo and Caroline


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